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    By Kanika S 04 December 2020
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    In this fashionable time, everyone needs to appear at their home stunning. IMagical Creations introducing hand block printing home décor accessories.

    Hand Block Printing is basically from Rajasthan. Block printing was introduced to the Jaipur region, located in the village of Bagru. This area is legendary for vegetable dyes and mud resists block prints. Hand block printing is an art in India and artists are pretty much skilled in their work. Members of the chhipa community are involved in block printing for generations. There is more than one type of block printing in India. Some of them are given below.

    Types of Block Printing:

    1. Discharge printing: This is often additionally referred to as Extract Printing. This can remove the clothes color and replace it, instead of putting ink on the shirt. Discharge printing is analogous to bleaching, except it doesn’t harm the garments as bleaching would. The results of discharge printing is a particularly soft print.


    1. Immediate Block Printing: This technique is extremely common. During this printing, we tend to used silk and cloth for coloring. You’ll be able to dye your material in your required color. Once coloring the material, the fabric is left for drying and once it dries up block prints area unit created on the cloth’s borders with the assistance of graven wood cubes, define is made with the black color and various things created with totally different colors.


    1. Resist Printing: In this printing, color is formed with the resistant factor which is the part of the cloth that is not dyed is roofed by applying a mix of resin and clay on that. Fabric will be dye in the desired color. The color is applied to the rest of the cloth which leaves the fabric with wave designs which are considered beautiful in block printing.

     As we are talking about block printing, it is pretty much obvious that the wooden blocks are an important part of it.

    Here are some basic points what you’ll need to make a wooden block:

    • Choose your material:

    For creating wooden blocks you will be needed basic tools like some wooden blocks or woodcuts in various sizes, while we will do the carving, support will be needed. Paper to make the desired design. A pencil will be needed so that you can draw the design. Some chisels or gravers for cutting. Different Ink for coloring the block. A roller for rolling out the ink and applying it to the wood.

    • Draw your picture on paper and Copy It onto Your Block

    The things you have to make sure about once you are sketching is that what you carve out from the wood becomes white, not black, so all those thin lines you're cutting are literally visiting become the white space, which you draw will be rolled over horizontally after you turn it over to print it. If you would like a print that's mainly white you'll need to try plenty of carving to induce banish the black areas. When does the 'negative' printing, which is essentially white on black require not so much. When you are done with your finalized image you can scan it. 

    • Cut your wooden Block

    For cutting the woodcut you will need something soft. With the help of a graver, you can easily cut wooden blocks, but you need to be careful while carving.

    • Ink and Print with Your Block

    The first things in the process include laying out a layer of ink on your piece of glass. Don’t apply ink directly from the tube. First, apply ink on the glass, it will help you to make a clean layer on the roller and then onto the block. 

    The Block Printing Process

    For block printing, first, the block for the design must be created. The artist draw the chooses sample onto a wooden block, made of teak, it has a high oil content. It is used for carving.

    Artists mostly prewashed the fabric in local rivers or other waterways. It makes this process feasible because it reduces water consumption.

    After the washed material is dyed with its base color, keep it on a table and fix laid flat fabric with pins. All the small and unique things of block printing make it special. A single unfortunate movement can ruin it. It means starting over again.

    Its artisans mix more than four and five colors. Then the block is dipped in the dye and put stamp by hand.

    Once the dye is dry, the fabric rinses in a local river. This process includes the fabric to dry in the sun.

    Hand block printing décor designs enhance the delicate beauty of your home. Check out the best collection of hand woven block printing home décor with IMagical creations.

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